A Strong Voice

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Our voice communicates our thoughts, opinions, feelings and sensitivities. It is the expression and mirror of our personality, identity and psyche. Therefore strongly expressed personalities with a healthy self-esteem often have a clear, viable and prominent voice. People who are insecure, introverted and reserved, diminish not only themselves but also their voice, they do not allow themselves to claim their space, even if they are wise and appropriate, due to fear of negative consequences. They often speak too softly to command attention, not wanting to be the focus, fearful of rejection; believing that others have more valuable and important things to say, giving others too much space and power. The result being that they are often overlooked, not heard, and not taken seriously because they are not clear in their presentation.

Unconsciously they accumulate inner pain and resentment, condemning "what is expressed" by the more dominant presence. Hiding behind the façade of restraint, they become resentful, never being known for who they truly are. In order to be taken seriously, internal resistances need to be removed. Unconscious inner restrictions of self-expression based on outdated beliefs from your family environment and school, become internalized and are displayed in our workplace behavior. It is our divine right to be valued for and express our unique vision with confidence and power.

In this group healing Susan will work on your spiritual blueprint to:

recognize the need and importance of your individual expression, regardless of other’s reactions.

recognize and enjoy the uniqueness of your personal perspective, adding your own colorful tapestry to life and feeling enriched by the different perspectives of other people.

remove the blocks to strong and confident expression (overcoming feelings of shame, fear or inner hesitation).

to strengthen your self-esteem and let go of the need for approval or validation.

to strengthen your ability for powerful, self-directed communication, and to distinguish it from arrogance or dominance.

to delete all your blockages, so that in the future you are heard clearly and receive appropriate acknowledgment and recognition for your contribution.

to improve your ability to capture your thoughts into words and clearly "articulate" with ease, certainty, clarity and presence.

Through clear, secure and effective self-expression, we build inner fortitude and self-confidence, allowing us to be courageous in spite of the risk. Verbalization of our inner world, makes us visible to others. When we give expression to what we really think, it becomes our conscious property. Our strong voice makes it possible to share our feelings, desires, talents and perspectives, thereby becoming a valuable contribution for others, resulting in a rich and fulfilling life.